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“Disintegrating the fenceline of vicious brutal thrash metal and creative old school thrash metal art form, Mass Hypnosia is among the few handful of artists in Southeast Asia who had achieved a truly exemplar status in the international underground extreme music scene. The band is a Thrash metal trio hailing from the eastern outskirts of Metro Manila’s untended urban landscape.

These drunken extreme music lunatics have been offering their listeners with a mouthful of undilutedly violent, deadly, and atrocious metal music. Undefiled by the demoralizing ineptness that plagues the local Philippine metal band scene, the trio follows their personal doctrine of ideology which paramount’s the significance of their brand of murderous underground music. These fellas are genuinely serious in keeping the flame of the true underground alive, and they guard it with a fence of barbwired independence. Mass Hypnosia stocked their arsenal with a peerless and relentless onslaught of abhorrence and animosity. The listeners can find that evidently and extremely thorough as the band delivered their malevolent riffs and gunfire of hard striking drum blasts, backed by the disturbingly intent nature of Karl’s murderous vocal screams in every track offered in the band’s 2010 debut studio album “Attempt to Assassinate”. Yet, Mass Hypnosia was not contented with the success of the debut as they released a more a detrimental material a year after.


Mass hypnosia

Slowly gaining notoriety and iconic stature within the Filipino underground music community, founder Karl Rosales kept the fire burning despite several lineup changes and released a follow-up demo entitled “Blood Spotted Bullet Face” (2011). This demo featured a more mature, vehement, and tenacious Mass Hypnosia which would become the prototype of the new direction the band is bound for on the years to come.”

Current Lineup:

Karl Rosales – Guitar Vocals
Emman Tadena – Bass
Drums – James Esquerra

Past Members:

Glenn Paul Mariano – Drums
Gyrene Degeurre – Drums
Kharlo De la Rosa – Drums
Mike Seitz – Drums
Jules Bautista – Guitars
Mark Glenn Requilman – Vocals